• Paul Kissaun

Hey Bulldogs, Frogs and Snails

so i went to the doctors for my blood test and of course i hadn't fasted properly which meant it was all was a complete waste of time. It was two soya milk coffees that did for me and now I have to go to Ealing Hospital and sit around playing on my phone again, but then i do like a good bus ride and since Impact Autos of Ealing have had my car since before christmas it's either that or walk. I know Christmas IS a long time to have a car in a garage. Not sure I can honestly recommend them.

Now my good friend Jason Yates is staying with us, hence the early morning coffee and chats and it is a joy to have him here at the Kissaun care home for the demented alcoholic obese retarded and schizoid. I hope he fits in. Jay has just started working for a new company in the world of branding. Go and check him out. The current campaign he's on he is perfect for. Last night we all decided we were going to eat healthily and now the grim reality faces us. In the doctor's waiting room it said that to reduce obesity you have to excersise between 150 and 300 minutes a week. Quite a lot. 300 minutes is 5 hours but i think a bit of walking can be included which means that my car predicament is really a blessing.. We ordered a big curry form Tandoori Villa. I wish those guys would get some people skills. I've only been going there for 25 years so maybe I'm not considered a loyal customer. Still the curry's brilliant. Probably the best in Ealing and if you're not into obsequious fawning then this is definitely the place for you Ealingites.

Last night in bed I found myself looking at a you tube video of the story behind the Beatles song Hey Bulldog which is one of their slow burn classics. Its a nice homage to that particular song. The Beatles still return on any investment you give them.This morning I found myself strutting down to the docs like Quentin Crisp in the video of An Englishman in New York all because of the sense of pride I get from delving back into that white heat. Or maybe it was the umbrella. There I was, carefully avoiding the damp worms and snails, wishing my headies weren't destroying my carefully arranged hippie hairdo. I disagree about the song being a musical repost to Lady Madonna. I know what the guy is saying but it has a very different feel and is really Lennony. I love the respect this song is getting from people like David Grohl and Jeff Lynne. My and my six form school chum Simon thought this was the dog's when we first heard it buried away on Yellow Submarine. It's mean pissy vinegar and that's a compliment. Just what you want from Lennon. Especially amidst all those blue meanies. It was nearly a single. Would it have gone to number one ? Probably.

The other two musical things I found myself wandering into were, believe it or not, Roger Whitaker -not sure why but Im impressed with the man's longevity. He's also a mean 12 string strummer. So I got to thinking of Mamy Blue and eventually found myself at the haunting Pop Tops's video. Here it is. Where was it filmed ? Some southern Mediterranean place by the look of it

It sums up so much of that time. Not that I can remember much. I was only a few years older than the kids in those prams.I think Simon works in LA now.For Disney.He always was a clever chap.


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