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new pants arrive for Jimbo

so i went to the bowel clinic to see if Jim,my ninety year old demented Alzheimers father in law was ok and he seems to be.On the way in the Uber I had a fascinating chat with the Romanian driver and reminisced with him about the early nineties when i went there as part of the world tour of Cheek by Jowl's As You Like It. He was very helpful helping Jim in and out as I find most Uber drivers are. I hope we get to keep Uber as its changed loads of lives.We ran a fascinating series of tests. Unfortunately they don't do the plastic sheets which would have been really useful. I forgot to ask for them anyway and was reminded of this later on.The ladies name was Hannah and she was very nice and posh but didn't go to Cheltenham ladies college even though she was from there. we both showed off in front of her. Jim is a bit of an entertainer and even though I'm not blood related to him engaging with people in an amusing way is something we both like to do as did Shiela who has been dead one year today. I haven't told Jim this and I don't think he is aware of it. Today he said his famous catch phrase "Battling on Regardless" which means he is as OK as he can be. Recently he has not been saying it much. Interestingly the new two part pants, when they arrived a couple of days later proved to be fiddly and potential more bother than the expensive shop bought ones.This is a shame as we have four thousand of the things arriving soon. In true middle class style we will have to build an extension. He DOES love playing with them though, usually in the middle of the night.

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