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below are tracks from Cut Price Rascals. You can't buy it cos it isn't finished ! it's vocal and piano  - anything more is too confusing for me just now.  it's really my Pinups where I get to do the tunes I've always loved but aren't all that well known. Why the originals weren't hits is beyond me

Rude Gospel is the first post Picket solo album from 2011

"Paul Kissaun's Rude Gospel is an unusual Brit-pop album. Restless and eclectic - Bowie Bowie Bowie, my favorite, is superb."

marc myers, jazzwax

Of 2012's L.A.Blue KiS states"I'd spent my whole on stage life up to that point trying to not bore, depress or upset people. I suddenly became curious to let the other side out and see just how depressing an experience I could create in the hope that it might produce a communal catharsis. Although it pales into obscurity against really difficult white noise type stuff. I was also listening to Nick Drake at the time and was captivated, like so many, by the etherial hauntedness of his output."

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