"I love hearing Paul Kissaun sing. His voice is an irresistible mix of honey and gravel. And his songs grab you roughly by the back of the neck and then whisper gently in your ear. No one else like him. Great stuff!" - Dean Friedman

Once Upon a Time in Wigan - LIVE! ... fronted mostly by the deep, rich tones of ex-Flying Picket Paul Kissaun with Jackie Wilson hair

Paul “Kiss” Kissaun, the charismatic bandleader from Heineken's spot . Fast Company

 70's music with terrific vocals from ex-Flying Picket, Paul Kissaun

manchester evening news

...restless and electic, the singer has created a tapestry of earlier sounds and modern vocals witha dozen original songs throughout. In fact Bowie Bowie Bowie, my favorite, is superb.

Marc Myers

Wall Street Journal

Casting-wise, we were blessed with our singer, Paul "Kiss" Kissaun: a total one-off. As a merry and insane hybrid between lead singer and ringmaster, he conquered lyrics on sight and moved effortlessly between different musical genres while sustaining his comedic style.Stuart Parkinson in Campaign Magazine

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